Lisa Gorski ‘Chef,’ Cape Coral

October 4, 2009

Work and Exhibits

Red Coral by Lisa Gorski

Mangroves by Lisa Gorski

The first picture Mangroves is from Art Quilters Unlimited, Fort Myers challenge (Mangroves). My viewpoint is looking up into the canopy. The red coral is stuffed with maroon yarn and the barnacles are made from recycled cardboard from pant hangers wrapped in painted and heated Tyvex with yarn wrapped around. The fish is stuffed, the mangroves are cardboard pant tubes attached fabric and yarn, pipe cleaners with fabric n yarn. Canopy has a light blue sky with a green toule over top with thread painting of branches and leaves. The brackish water is a polyester fabric that is similar to a black snake skin.

The second is my real ‘Alias Grandfather’ whom was Blackfoot Indian. The silhouette is my mother at 8 years old and her mom visiting him in prison. He had several names and no one knows who he really was. This was a challenge from Artquilters.com that had been accepted last year.

Right now I am waiting to here if I was excepted into the World Quilt Show, Art Quilters Unlimited has a booth at this show in West Palm also.

I belong to Southwest Florida Quilters guilds involved in our January 8 & 9 Quilt Show at the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers. Working on finishing several quilts for which I also teach the technique. Pineapple using the ruler and a miniature done by hand using the scrapes from the lg. quilt. Our shows theme is Reuse, Repurpose, and Renew.

Punta Gorda Peace River Quilt Guild I will be teaching the Electric Mola from Jane Hall’s book from the late 80’s I teach the technique and add some of my own touches to it. Dates are not set yet!

Big Plus
I am also a Five Star Chef had formal training worked at the Ritz Carlton for several years, moved into pastries then into the Country Club setting.

Lisa Gorski's ‘Chef’ Alias G'Father

Lisa Gorski's ‘Chef’ Alias G'Father


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