Lucinda Carlstrom, Atlanta

October 4, 2009


Bos-1 by Carlstrom Bos-1 by Carlstrom

I am a new member to SAQA as I joined to do the conference after I was accepted into
Quilt National this year. I make quilts out of Japanese paper, new and recycled silk and bronze and gold leaf. I just bought a quilting machine and am learning to make all fiber quilts, as the ones I have been doing for 25 years are generally framed under glass. I live in Atlanta and have done art shows for 35 years, many of the major ones in Florida. I am not traveling as much and working more with art reps and galleries.

I am in the category of “extreme piecing” as many of my pieces have over 2,000 pieces. Easier to do with paper and silk alternating than with fabric. I would like to get more involved with SAQA shows but at the moment I have to make a living and pay bills. I do hope this changes in the future and when this economy loosens up I hope to have more time. Meanwhile, I sit here in Atlanta doing local shows. I don’t blog yet but I have a website, lucindacarlstrom.com or paperquilts.com.

I know I am out of the mainstream of the art quilters, but I follow my own voice.

Red Quilt by Carlstrom (cloth)

Red Quilt by Carlstrom (cloth)


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