Deb Lacativa, Lawrenceville GA

October 9, 2009

Good News! – Given the right venue and weather, the public is coming out to the shows and buying Art!

I had a booth at The Historic Norcross Art Festival (Norcross Georgia) and it was a very successful weekend. I won’t put a toe into the debate between the imagined controversy between the Art and Crafts camp – this is a juried show and there was no controversy this weekend; just great camaraderie between the vendors, amazing support by the organizers of the show lead by Frances Schube who could teach a master class on the proper organization and running of this kind of venue. Imagine volunteers there to help you set up and break down you booth! The volunteers wheeling around wagons of cold, free bottles water for the artists! There’s a hospitality center conveniently located for the artists with clean rest rooms, free breakfast on the first day and fruit snacks the rest of the show. Heaven!

I brought everything that wasn’t nailed down in my studio (this venue is only 15 minutes from my home) and I sold pieces that had become a part of my life.  I had everything from fiber art postcards to my gallery pieces that lined the walls of my pop-up tent. I brought a few utility pieces and had great fun explaining that the smaller unframed pieces (the majority of my show) were not potholders or place mat but if you wanted a $25.00 pot holder, I was happy for you! Better than 50% of the crowd already knew unframed art when they saw it and were captivated by some of my older pieces in ways that made me look again at my own work with fresh eyes.

Deb Lacativa's fiber sale

Deb Lacativa's fiber sale

The booth was paid for by noon of the first day largely due to the amazing response to the affordably priced fiber art postcards, hand dyed rayon scarves and the dyed, crocheted “cusspots” which I put out where the kids could fondle them first and lay off the rest of the stuff. People were drawn into my space by the sheer explosion of color I laid out for them. I let people know that

A. I was a local and this was the only show I do each year and

B. Everything that I brought with me would be available for sale at http://randomactsofdyeness.blogspot.com/  in the coming weeks.

I have my work out out for me making good on that promise.

All and all it was a very successful and satisfying weekend and I encourage everyone to take a shot at selling in person to a public who seems weary of being wary about buying anything. Retail therapy seems to be the order of the day for the American Economy but folks are looking for a new shopping horizon. Could it be your booth or website? Only if you get out there and wave your brave flag.

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