Linda Matthews, DeLand FL

October 9, 2009
"In the Garden: Pomegranate" by Linda Matthews

"In the Garden: Pomegranate" by Linda Matthews

I’m still working on my series of tests using Digital Grounds and you can see the posts on my blog at  http://www.creative-textile-and-quilting-arts.com/blog

Using these tests, I’ll be releasing a new set of downloadable workshops by the end of this month (beginner and advanced) exploring how to use Digital Grounds with fabric. Previously used mainly for mixed media applications, Digital Grounds also shows extremely good reproduction quality of images on all sorts of fabric surfaces from plain cotton to extreme texture

I currently have “In the Garden: Pomegranate” travelling with the SAQA Fibrations Exhibit (photo attached)

"Serenity" by Linda Matthews

"Serenity" by Linda Matthews










“Serenity,” one of my latest art quilts, is an Inkjet Print on a hand painted dryer sheet. Central background:  decorative stitched “fabric paper” hand painted and distressed

No teaching this fall, but beginning live (not on-line)classes again early next year.


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