Patricia Turner, Fort Myers

October 9, 2009

World Quilt Show in Palm Beach
None of these (nearly 50) pieces have ever been seen in a quilt show until now. Here is the blurb on us for the World Quilt show in West Palm Beach Nov 13- 15th. Would send you photos but it is “hush hush” till then.

Explorations of an Art Quilt – Art Quilters Unlimited
Art Quilters Unlimited (Fort Myers, FL), founded in 2004, has grown from 19 art quilt enthusiasts to almost 70 talented, vibrant, excited fiber artists who hold a unique niche in the local art community, sharing their passion for textile art and educating the public to fiber pieces as fine art. These artists use fabric as their medium of choice utilizing whatever will produce the vision and the image they are trying to express. Their work has been exhibited in many major shows and various art galleries around the country. Members provide encouragement and a strong support system for each other and are continually fine-tuning their skills with the many classes and excellent teachers provided. They reach, they explore and they explode with color and vitality.

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