The Skinny Envelope

October 10, 2009

Williamson's "The Sea"

Exhibition: October 25 – November 21

Artists Reception: October 25, 2 – 4 PM

Gateway Center for the Arts, 880 N. Highway 17-92, DeBary, FL 32710

There are 11 fiber artists in the upcoming fiber exhibit at the Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary, FL.  The opening reception is October 25.  The exhibition opens October 25 and ends November 21.  This started out as

Ferrono's "Red Windows"

Ferrono's "Red Windows"

 an exhibition of art that was not accepted at a museum, gallery or quilt show. However, after seeing the quality of the entrants, the exhibition now also includes a piece from each artist that was accepted in an exhibition.  The viewers will get a chance to test their own judging skills to select which work they are viewing.

The Skinny Envelope began from the announcement that someone got a fat envelope filled with forms and regulations for an upcoming exhibit while another artist announced with great sadness that she got the skinny envelope.  Jurors have their own prejudices and this is reflected in the work they accept.  A work that doesn’t make it into one show might win an award in another. 


Lacativa's "Up on Wheels"

Lacativa's "Up on Wheels"

Salon des Refusés

was the famous French art exhibition held in 1863 in Paris for artists who were refused by the jury in the main Salon.  Among the exhibitors were Paul Cézanne, Camille Pissarro, Armand Guillaumin, James Whistler, and Édouard Manet.  The art was excellent; the jurors were stuck in their mode of standards that didn’t change with the times.  Much the same can be said today for these fiber artists whose work is often thought to be in the realm of bedroom quilts or couch throws instead of works of art by the fine art world and yet, this same work is hung in the dark corners, crowded together at some traditional quilt shows. 


Baugh's "Lady in the Chair"

Curator Mary McBride said that Dada artist Duchamp, with his ready-made urinal that he labeled  “Fountain”  refused to accept the standards and practices of an established art system, and today’s fiber artists are following his footsteps all the way to the major museums in New York, London, Japan, and France, sans the urinals.

Bobbi Baugh, DeLand –  (Sculptures) Lady in the Chair; A Woman Somewhere in Time

Eileen Doughty, Vienna, VA  – It All Had to Start Somewhere, But Where is it Going to End?; Below Great Falls; Red Oak Cross Section x5

Clairan Ferrono, Chicago, IL –  Autumn: Catskills;  Red Windows;  Grape Harvest

Jensen's "Potions"

Jensen's "Potions"

Tuscany;  Blue Mountain: Saugerties

Jo-Ann Jensen, Cape Canaveral  – Seagrapes; Potions 

Deborah A Lacativa, Lawrenceville, GA –  Innocent Bystanders;  Hopped Up;  Up on Wheels; The Celebratory Cod Is Spared Another Year

Carol Larson, Petaluma, CA – At Sea;  Harmony

 Ellen Lindner, Merritt Island – Reconciliation;  Security; Ti Plants A-Glow-Glow

Hanna Morris, Mimms –  Jacket – San Franciso Bridge; Jacket – Cock Crows

Suzanne Mouton Riggio, Vero Beach –  Diametric Equinoxes;  Beauty and the Tulips

Doughty's "It All Had to Start Somewhere, But Where is it Going to End?"

Doughty's "It All Had to Start Somewhere, But Where is it Going to End?"

Alema Pamela Watson, Altamonte Springs – The Village;  Where Have the Flowers Gone?

Marianne Williamson, Miami – Turquoise Sea; Something off the Shelf

Sharon Wolf, New Smyrna Beach – Autumn Woods;  A Pair & a Pear


Lindner's "Security"

Lindner's "Security"


Riggio's "Diametric Equinoxes"

Riggio's "Diametric Equinoxes"


Wolf's "A Pair & A Pear"

Wolf's "A Pair & A Pear"


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