Cacophony of Fiber

October 30, 2009

dreamsThursday, March 4 – Friday, April 31

Rose Room Gallery in Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach

An international fiber invitational featuring artists using fiber in exciting and novel ways.  Fiber art quilts, will be joined by weavings, rug hooking, plus three-dimensional constructions and installations using fiber, wire, metal, clay and/or plastics.

Works will be reviewed and selected by the curator and her committee.

Mary McBride, 413 Albany Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724

  • January 30: Applicants will be notified. It is understood that the work selected may be sold or be unavailable before the exhibition and other works may be submitted for approval by December 15.
  • March 1:  Accepted works can be hand delivered between 10 AM and 6 PM.
  • February 26: Mailed works (postage is the artist’s responsibility) must arrive on or before date. 

Mail to Mary McBride, 413 Albany Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724

APPLICATION: Each artist should submit a package of material including the following.  All items can be contained on the same CD or emailed to peabodyexhibit@gmail.com

  • Entry Form: A copy of the entry form may also be found at www.marymcbridearts.homestead.com so you can fill it out online and email the form. Please rename LASTNAME ENTRY.DOC
  • Images: Up to 4 images of work on a CD.  JPEG images should be 300 DPI and at least 3” wide.  Images should be labeled LASTNAME_TITLE_SIZE.
  • Listing: A list of these images in the same order as on the CD, stating the title, size and price of each work. Label document LASTNAME LIST.DOC
  • Fee: To cover costs, a $20 application fee is required. There will be no further fees for artists selected.
  • Sales: Peabody does not handle sales. All interested parties will be referred to the curator who will handle the sales for the artists for a 10% fee or the artists can use their own sales program.


Cacophony of Fiber

Thursday, March 4 – Friday, April 31

Entry Form

Entry must be received by January 15, 8 PM.

All entries should be emailed to peabodyexhibit@gmail.com or a CD mailed to Mary McBride, 413 Albany Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724

Please submit one entry form for each work. The $20 entry fee covers up to 6 works.





Title of Work:

Short statement about the work:

I certify that this is an original work of art designed and executed by the artist(s) listed above. 

In displaying my art work for, and at, Peabody Auditorium, I fully exempt the Auditorium from responsibility for damage or theft of the work I willfully exhibit.  Further, should my work sell while it is displayed at the Auditorium,

I acknowledge that 10% of the selling price will be retained by the curator or I will take responsibility for my own sales including collecting the sales tax.  Further, as the artist, I am totally responsible for insurance on my work and hold the Peabody Auditorium harmless in this responsibility.  

As the artist and owner of the displayed art work, I accept the conditions of this disclaimer. 

Signature: _____________________           Date: __________

Received by: ____________________           Date: _________

For more information regarding entries, please call phone curator Mary McBride, 386-736-3039.

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