Ellen Lindner

October 30, 2009

Ellen Lindner Participating  in Transformations Exhibit
Transformations is an exciting new exhibit, sponsored jointly by Florida Institute of Technology and the Brevard Art Museum.  In it, twelve visual artists have been paired with twelve poets.  The idea is for each pair to become familiar with one other’s work, and to be create new work that’s influenced by it.  A very loose collaboration, of sorts.
Ellen Lindner has been selected as one of the visual artists, (and the only fiber artist.)  She’s very excited to be part of this project.  It will be displayed at the Brevard Art Museum, in Melbourne, FL, in April of 2010.  In addition, a book will be published showcasing the resulting pieces, additional work from each participant, and in-progress photos and information.   
Ellen Lindner's Natural Progression 

Ellen’s new work is now complete, and is called Natural Progression.  She has blogged extensively about her inspiration for this piece, as well as the process.
Read Ellen’s blog at http://adventurequilter.com/blog/
Learn more about this exhibit at http://411.fit.edu/transformations/


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