Mary McBride, DeLand FL

October 30, 2009

I don’t often get my own work posted because I’m always playing with YOUR work!  I’ve displayed over 230 quilts and fiber pieces since last spring!  I guess you could say I’ve found one of my passions is promoting the work of fiber artists.  But I also seek out and hang the works of others including painters and photographers.  I’m volunteering at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach as their curator and have 24 wonderful large abstract paintings hanging in the Rose Room Gallery right now.  The response has been phenomenal. The director and staff have all praised the show as the best ever and  I’ve even received phone calls and emails from visitors to the gallery saying how much they enjoyed the show! 

Next is an invitational photography exhibition for Florida Retrospective with a deadline in late November and then in the spring I’ll have the Cacophony of Fiber during the Focus on Fiber retreat.  I’ll post the applications on a page in our blog.  All three programs have lectures which I’ll also post.

And I’ve been volunteering at the Gateway Center for the Arts in DeBary as a guest curator. I’ve hung three shows this year – the local members of the FL Committee of the National Museum for Women in the Arts, the Braz Cauz art bras (my 3 sold!), and now the Skinny Envelope with 32 works.

Meanwhile, Art was sitting in the back of my mind twiddling it’s thumbs.  But when Gateway asked for people to make puppets, I woke up that old muse and have been going full steam since mid September.  My puppets had their own story – Little Red Riding Hood is snarfing down cupcakes in the woods when two kids come along. The boy tries to engage Little Red in conversation because he’s in her English class and has a crush on her. However, his little sister sees the tail wagging under the cape and discovers that Red is really the Big Bad Wolf!  Only he isn’t too bad.  He’s hungry and he’s been trying to hide from the werewolf who happens to be Teen Wolf who also has a crush on Little Red…so with the werewolf howling “Little Red” off stage, the kids help Big get away by sending him one way and telling Teen Wolf he went another way…..hey, this lasts all of 2-3 minutes!  And I spent weeks making the wolves!  They are made out of three layers of cardboard with fur glued over it.  The heads are papier-mâché.  Since making them, the wolves have been in many photo shoots with the locals.  I’ll have to pack them away to keep them safe for next year or maybe let them sit on their little bench in the living room….

 McBride's puppets - Big in Little Red's and Teen Wolf

 I’ve also started making quilted necklaces.  It started with a challenge of three fabrics in one project and there was this necklace I wanted to make but it was all peyote stitch which I’m never going to do so I adapted the two and now I’m hooked – for the moment anyway. Oh, and because they are quilted, they are reversible!


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