Linda Matthews

January 14, 2010

DeLand, FL


 From the Sewing Room: January 2010 – online newsletter

 Welcome to a fun and creative new year. This year has already started with lots of changes; the main change being a restructuring of my websites. As we progress through the year there will be other changes happening, but for now you’ll now find me blogging from my website at http://www.linda-matthews.com and to stay up-to-date you’ll need to update your RSS subscription settings to include this blog. You can do this by visiting www.linda-matthews.com and clicking on the RSS Feed button, or signing up for the RSS email.

The old blog is still intact at Creative Textile and Quilting Arts where you’ll find hundreds of interesting articles, tutorials and other information. You’ll also find there my online and downloadable classes.

The Free Lunch Cafe has also moved to a new home at http://www.free-lunch-cafe.com and is no longer being hosted on the ning.com platform due to various problems with their hosting service. If you’re a student at the Free Lunch Cafe, I’m sure you’ll find the new website much more user friendly. If you’re not a member yet, stop by and have a look.

Online Workshops



Using dryer sheets


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