Robbin Neff

January 14, 2010




Robbin Neff

I have been studying (self taught) and creating since I was nine months old.  Yes, nine months.  My mother says six, but I remember standing in my crib and studying The Last Supper hanging on the wall nearby, at my great grandmother’s.  Today I play in fiber every chance I get.  From my Willie Nillie art dolls and Yo-Yo Delights to fine art in just about every media available, I continue to develop.  It has been a developing 54 years.  The variety and quality are evident in the finished products.

I am a disabled vet, married to an active duty sailor.  This brings us to Jacksonville, FL, where we are hoping to stay once and for all.  Averaging more than a move a year, this will be a relief.  No more portable studios only.

I am attaching images including painting, drawing, photography, ostrich egg art I do, and a photo of me.  No sculpture photos are yet available.  Nor are the photos of the embroidery stitches I have been inventing, or my poetry.  I have channeled scatter brained into creative results. 

Silly Willie

All of this can be daunting when you forget it took 54 years to get here. Rest assured, these varied projects come about from mild ADHD and something always buried in packing.  I’ve always moved more than once a year, navy or not.  Who knows what will happen while I am here.  It is sure to be a wonderful experience, and I enter into its challenges enthusiastically.

I’ve been making Yo-Yo Delights and Willie Nillies among other things.

Palm Trees

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