Wendell Fuller, Too Much Fun!

March 28, 2014

ImageThe Rose Room Gallery in the Peabody is delighted to present “Too Much Fun!” featuring the art of Wendell Fuller, an elementary school teacher in Volusia County. The opening reception on April 8, 5:30-7:30, features music by the three piece acoustic band The Cog is Dead.  Andy Ferrari will run an auction on the works during the reception. There is no admission fee.  Parking behind the building is free during the reception. Wine and refreshments are also free.

 Fuller stated that years of training in the techniques of egg tempera and varnish paintings of landscapes became tedious and never really satisfying. After watching the joy his kindergarteners expressed while painting, he became intrigued by the power of simplicity of their works.  One student, on viewing Fuller’s work, commented, “your other pictures are really pretty, but I just love your people.” 

 Fuller said, “This little statement changed my whole way of looking at art. I realized that the artist in me had been stolen by technique. I was trying to create paintings that I liked, not the paintings I was born to make. My student reminded me of what I did best.  From that day forward I started a long series of paintings of people.  I found that not only did I thoroughly enjoy the work but that the public reaction to what I was creating was what I had been searching for my whole life.  The viewers recognized my people and were readily willing to talk about them.”

 While working from objective to non-objective abstracts, Fuller’s colleagues exclaim that he is having “too much fun” with his art; however, that only renews his creative forces while he paints.  Most of his works are now titled “Portrait #…” and “Abstract #…” because he says the viewer usually renames the work after buying it, stating the portrait looks like “Sam” or “Uncle Joe.”  Too Much Fun! is an exhibition of nearly 70 new works.

 The exhibition runs from April 7 to May 2. Gallery hours are: M-F 10:30-4:30, Saturday 10-2, Closed Sunday. Works may also be viewed prior to evening performances. In that instance, please enter through the patio gates on Wild Olive Avenue and tell the usher you are there to see the art in the Rose Room Gallery. There is no admission fee and Peabody is handicapped accessible.


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