To see the art braz, and perhaps bit on one or two, go to:


Braz Cauz Exhibit, October 9-20

Opening Reception, October 11, 2-4 pm

Artist s Reception
, October 20, 6-8:30 pm
RSVP at http://www.fhfishmemorial.org or by calling (386) 917-7197 by October 15

Fruit Cups by William McBride
Fruit Cups by William McBride

My son created Fruit Cups, a homage to Carmen Maranda, which not only attracted lots of laughs, it was featured on our local TV Fox News program.  I created Memograms and the classic Over the Shoulder Boulder HolderMemograms included notes from women at every meeting I went to for two months. They wrote phrases like Chemo Brain, I now have curly hair, I’m a six year survivor, Courage…I was deeply touched and amazed at how many people I know who have had breast cancer but they never mention it.  That was one of the things that doctors stressed – “You owe it to the women you know to inform them!”  The fund raiser will provide mammograms to women who can’t afford them.

Memograms by Mary McBride
Memograms by Mary McBride

I know October is Breast Cancer month so I hope you are paying attention:

examine yourself,

get your yearly mammogram,

seek help immediately when you find something even if it’s the size of a grain of rice. 

As we sat at the Pink Tea the other day, the doctors said these were the most important things YOU can do to protect yourselves.  They also said 1 out of 9 women will get cancer and we were sitting 9 to a table. That really brought the truth to light as well looked around the table at each other.


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