SAQA Conference Report – from a Rep’s Perspective 

 By Mary McBride

I had a swell time at the conference.  The pre-conference shabori class got great reviews but I didn’t hear about the others.  The lectures were great!!!  Best ever.  I believe you can get copies from the SAQA store.

During the conference, I met with all the reps available and we discussed things to do to make your experience as SAQA members most excellent.  However, we all have the same problem….lack of response.  To this end, we are considering creating blog pages for all the regions.  This would give you easy access to the information (like the newsletter only permanent) and would be open to visitors which might increase membership and interest in our programs.  You’ll each have your name listed with links to your own web pages or blogs or emails if you wish. We’ll let you know when it’s been updated, but this way you can get your exhibitions posted on the calendar and everyone will be able to plan visits.

I also attended classes by Carol Ann Waugh who did a wonderful presentation on self publishing.  Look up her papers in SAQA U if you are interested. A lot of artists are now using snapfish and other photo publishing sites to make flip books to take with them to galleries.  I know one artist who prints out several for each show she’s at and sells them for $25 though they cost her $9!  Nice profit.

Oh, the Critique program was fantastic!  Honestly, if you want to get a good evaluation of your work – line, form, design, color, etc – visit www.quiltcritique.com.  It’s run by Sandra Sider and Lisa Chipetine.  By the end of the hour I was actually thinking like an artist again!

Lisa Chipetine did a program on marketing and self promotion which was really helpful.  She also has information on SAQA U.  Do you use SAQA U?  Why search the Internet when they have all sorts of knowledge right there for you!

Did I forget the ART?  WOW!  The works are beautiful and exciting.  And to have some talented artist yell out my name from across that room full of famous artists….oooooo.  I got to meet several artists whose work I’ve hung at Harris House and Tavares and this Sunday I’m having lunch with Barbara Watler!  (The exhibit in DeLand is fantastic too!!!)

I hope several of you respond to the call for meeting in Vero Beach in August. I am getting another trunk show for it and it will be a great time to visit and discuss our art. I look forward to meeting more of you.

Also, if anyone wants to host a meeting like Susan is doing [See Upcoming Events] or just a visit in your home or at the local deli, let us know so we can help you. I’m working on a map of where everyone is located so it will be easier to find you all.

Hugs, Mary

P.S. from Ellen Lindner:  I took a pre-class with Leslie Gabrielse, which was amazing!  You can see his work at http://www.gabrielse.com .  I posted a little about it at http://dirtydozenfiberartists.blogspot.com .  Look in the right sidebar for my 3 posts, dated May 25th and 26th.


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